Kate Pearson struggles with her eating habits and body image. She uses Post-­It notes throughout her apartment as discipline aids to remind herself of her dietary actions. She is the biological sister of Kevin and the adoptive sister of Randall. She is also a huge Pittsburgh Steelers Fan. And insisted when Toby invites her to a football party that she wants to watch football alone. She is interested in getting gastro bypass surgery. Her boyfriend Toby proposed to her while in hospital.

She is portrayed by Chrissy Metz.

Life Edit

Season 1 Edit

In the pilot episode, it shows Jack celebrating his birthday the day his children are born. Kate Pearson is Rebecca and Jack's second born child. Her twin brother is Kevin, and adopted brother is Randall. She was born on Jack's 36th birthday, August 31st, 1980. She has another brother whose name was Kyle, but passed away shortly during the birth. Kate struggles with eating and her body shape, as a child she was teased by her so called friends. In the present time, she joins a support group and strives to lose weight. During her support group she meets and befriends with a man named Toby. Kate currently lives in LA, she is a personal assistant to Kevin, her older twin brother, who is famous for his hit show 'The Manny'. After Kevin fires her, so she can live her own life, and moves to New York, she finds a new employer.


In past time, it shows a naked Jack with a Terrible Towel on this private, waiting for his pregnant wife Rebecca to give him a sexy Marilyn Monroe birthday dance tradition. In the present time, it shows a 36 year old Kate Pearson looking through her fridge while reading the calorie labels she has put on each junk food she consumes.


This gallery is in order of episodes - not chronologically

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