Kevin Pearson is a handsome and successful television actor who is bored with his bachelor life. He is the biological brother of Kate and the adoptive brother of Randall.

He is portrayed by Justin Hartley.

Life Edit

Season 1 Edit

He was an actor in LA on the sitcom "The Manny". He moved to New York to take on a new career as a Broadway star.


Olivia MaineEdit

Olivia is a former love interest. Kevin meets Olivia as a co-star in the Broadway play he is auditioning for. They never actually date, but have a sexual relationship.

Sloane SandburgEdit

Sloane is a former love interest. Kevin meets Sloane as the director and creator of the Broadway play he is auditioning for. They start dating, but their relationship ends after Sloane overhear Kevin say that he is only dating her because it's the right thing to do.


Sophie is a former and current love interest. Kevin meets Sophie when they are nine years old. They eventually marry, but divorce and don't see each other for 12 years, before Kevin decides to reconnect.


This gallery is in order of episodes - not chronologically

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