The second season of This Is Us was announced on January 18, 2017, along with season 3. It will premiere on September 26, 2017.

After originally saying that they were going to move This Is Us to Thursday's, NBC decided that the hit show would continue to air on Tuesdays at 9pm.

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  A Father's Advice September 26, 2017
Written By: Dan Fogelman
Directed By: Ken Olin
On the Big Three's 37th birthday, Randall is determined to adopt a baby, but is convinced by Beth that he can honor William's legacy just as well by adopting an older child. Kate attempts to audition as a singer; she first leaves the audition because she sees only skinny women there, but decides to come back and go through with it. She is rejected, not because of her weight, but because of her inexperience. Kevin and Toby argue about how close Kevin is with Kate; Toby says he should be the one Kate goes to; Kevin admits that she originally told him about his father's death. In the past, Rebecca takes the Big Three to a movie, in the aftermath of Jack and Rebecca's argument. Later, Rebecca urges Jack to come home. Jack admits his alcoholism is out of hand. The aftermath of a house fire is shown, while Rebecca sits crying in her car, with Jack's belongings in a bag by her side.
  A Manny-Splendored Thing October 3, 2017
Written By: Dan Fogelman
Bekah Brunstetter
Directed By: John Fortenberry
Kevin is invited back for the 100th episode of The Manny, unbeknownst to Kevin, as way to embarrass him for the way he quit. Randall, Beth, the girls, Rebecca and Miguel all make the trip from New York to see the taping of this new episode. Randall begins to second guess fostering an older child because he is worried that whomever they end up with will have issues that are too complicated to handle. Kate gets an offer for her first gig, but because she does not want her mother to criticize or find fault with her performance, she asks both Rebecca and Toby not to follow her. They do, which leads to Kate confronting Rebecca about how she always treated her. When Rebecca looks to Toby for support afterwards, he makes it clear he is on Kate's side, which wins Rebecca's approval. Beth chats with Kevin after the episode is taped, and learns that Randall only risked failure once, in asking her out, which he did with Kevin's help. Beth reassures Randall they can go through with their plan, and with that new determination, Randall prepares to let his children know what they have decided to do. In the past, Kate speaks ill of Rebecca after she brings Jack home. This leads Jack to confess that both he and his father had a problem with alcoholism. Where Jack previously privately overcame his problem by boxing, he allows Rebecca to take him to an AA meeting, which he had previously avoided.
  Déjà Vu October 10, 2017
Written By: Isaac Aptaker
Elizabeth Berger
Directed By: John Requa
Glenn Ficarra
On the set of Kevin's movie, Kate geeks out over the fact that Sylvester Stallone is his co-star. She tells Stallone that his movies made her dad laugh, and shares how hard it has been for her since his passing. He and Kate reach out to Kevin about his grief over that event, but he brushes them off. Kevin's memories of his dad, and his grief over his passing, which he has suppressed for years, come to the forefront, affecting his performance in the scene being shot. Randall, who is bragging about how perfect their home is for a foster child, is thrown when he learns that one such individual, a young girl named Deja, is being brought to their home right away. In the past Rebecca has planned a romantic night for Jack, which allows him to open up about his problems. Meanwhile, Randall, in trying to reach out to his birth parents through an ad, is comforted by Kate and Kevin when a woman claims to be his birth mom for his family's money. In the present, we see Randall talking to Deja and explaining to her that her mother might be in prison for a long time. The episode ends with Kevin relapsing into what might be an old addiction to pain medication.
  Still There October 17, 2017
Written By: Vera Herbert
Directed By: Ken Olin
In the flashback we see that Kate and Kevin have chicken pox, but Randall is yet to be infected. After hearing that the children are sick, Rebecca's mom stops by expectantly. Rebecca, who has a strained relationship with her mother, is not happy about this. She is forced to confront her mother, when Jack also succumbs to chicken pox. The confrontation, which is about how different she treat Randall, ends up with Rebecca calling her a racist. In the present day, Randall takes his daughters and Deja bowling, which leads to a confrontation between him and the father of another young girl who insults Deja. Beth offers to help Deja do her hair, and the two bond as Beth does so. Randall admits to Deja that he has had a problem with nervous breakdowns and has taken up running to deal with his anxiety; he invites her to come with him the next time he does so. Kevin undergoes surgery on his injured knee, and continues to overuse his prescription pain pills. Kate is obsessed with getting in shape for a "singing gig", which turns out to actually be a visit to an OB/GYN for an ultrasound, revealing that she is pregnant.
  Brothers October 24, 2017
Written By: Tyler Bensinger
Directed By: John Requa
Glenn Ficarra
In present day Kate finally tells Toby that she is pregnant, but orders him to keep all his excitement to himself, as she is very nervous about being pregnant at her age and size. After getting in a fender-bender accident however, she changes her mind and lets Toby proclaim to a random coffee shop, that they are expecting. Meanwhile, Kevin has run out of his proscription medication and frantically calls his doctor for a refill, which he is denied as it has already been filled once more than allowed. This affects his relationship with Sophie, whom he has promised to escort to a charity event and be auctioned of to raise money, as he is absent from the entire event. Randall learns that Deja has been to a violent foster home, which is why she doesn't like to be grabbed. In the past Jack takes Kevin and Randall on a camping trip hoping to improve their brotherly bond. In a flashback from Jack's childhood we learn that he has a brother and that they were in the army together.
  The 20's October 31, 2017
Written By: Don Roos
Directed By: Regina King
Rebecca and Jack take the kids trick-or-treating. They’re dressed up as Sunny and Cher while the kids are Michael Jackson, Sally from Grease, and a hobo. Randall wants to use his map to go to particular houses for candy. Kate and Kevin don’t want to follow his plan so the family splits up. Rebecca takes Randall and Jack takes the twins. They agree to meet up later. While roaming the neighborhood, Randall asks about Rebecca’s third baby. She tells him instead about how he was meant to be with them. Randall asks what his name was and Rebecca says Kyle. Kevin gives his friend Billy all his candy so that he’ll hold Kate’s hand at the haunted house and Jack sees. We see Kevin working at a hair salon and Kate at a diner. Kevin gets kicked out of his apartment after having gone to a party and tried to steal his roommate’s role in a movie. Kate sleeps with a married man she met at the diner because she thought it’d feel right. But it doesn’t and she gets upset. Randall is expecting his first child. Randall goes to return a fan at the store and ends up telling one of the employees about his break down. While Randall is out of the house, Beth goes into labor. Rebecca tries to help her through it but Randall runs all the way back from the store and arrives just in time to assist with the birth. Kate and Kevin decide to move in together. Rebecca creates a Facebook account and reconnects with Miguel, who used to be Jack’s best friend.
  The Most Disappointed Man November 7, 2017
Written By: Kay Oyegun
Directed By: Chris Koch
Jack and Rebecca meet with a social worker about adopting Randall. She visits them randomly and gives them a glowing review. However, the judge presiding over their adoption case isn’t as excited about the situation and reschedules their court date. William is sent to jail for using. The judge asks him why he did it. He says that because it’s easily accessible and because he’s lost everyone he’s ever cared about. Kevin is supposed to fly in to see Sophie but has been pushing it back. Sophie is unsure if he’s ready to live with her in New York. Kate and Toby tell Kevin that she’s pregnant. Randall takes Deja to visit her mom at the prison. However, they learn from the social worker that Deja’s mom opted out of seeing her. Toby and Kate decide to get married at the courthouse. The judge tells Rebecca and Jack that he doesn’t believe that Randall belongs in their home. Instead he should be with a Black family. William is visited by the judge who is supposed to sentence him. He tells him that he’ll make sure William gets help but only if he promises to stay sober for the rest of his life. While waiting for Sophie at the hospital, Kevin has a weird dream about what their life might be like if they got married. Randall goes to visit Deja’s mom and asks for an explanation. Toby asks Kate to marry him and tells her that she deserves a big wedding. Rebecca writes a letter to the judge and sends along with it a picture of their family. Kevin breaks up with Sophie after explaining why he can’t marry her. The judge recused himself from Randall’s case so they’re sent to another judge. That judge approves their adoption. William manages to avoid drugs all his life but attempts to shoot up after finding out he has cancer. Before he does, Randall knocks on his door. Deja’s mom ends up calling her later that night.
  Number One November 14, 2017
Written By: K.J. Steinberg
Directed By: Ken Olin
As a baby, Kevin is the first one to walk. Kevin is staying at a hotel after having broken up with Sophie. He gets a call from his high school telling him about getting an award. He decides to go to the ceremony. Kevin complains about meeting a college coach that is coming for dinner. Jack tells him to go get dressed before the coach gets here. Kevin arrives at his home town and goes to where his old house used to be before it burned down. He makes it to the honor ceremony where he has a flashback of Sophie from their high school days. Kevin decides to walk the halls, flashbacking to the good old days. Kevin is extremely rude to the college coach. Jack is pissed and lectures Kevin. Later, Jack and Kevin have a talk in the middle of the night. Kevin meets one of the high school alumni Charlotte. He spends the night drinking and goes to the football field where he reenacts his entire life. Kevin ends up going home with Charlotte where they have sex. He looks through her things trying to find some pain killers. Instead he finds her prescription pad and takes it with him when he leaves. He heads to the pharmacy to get more pills but realizes he’s lost the pendant his dad gave him so he heads back to Charlotte’s. While in the hospital, Kevin apologizes to his Dad for being an ass. Jack tells him that he can’t play football anymore. That’s when he gives Kevin his pendant. Kevin returns to Charlotte’s but she wont let him back into her house to look for the necklace. He has a breakdown and begs for somebody to help him. Later he arrives at Randall’s house looking for help but learns instead that Kate lost her baby.
  Number Two November 21, 2017
Written By: K.J. Steinberg

Shukree Hassan Tilghman

Directed By: Ken Olin
Teenage Kate and Rebecca talk about what college Kate wants to go to. Rebecca tries to encourage her that it’s okay not to know what college she wants to go to. Kate gets upset and leaves for school. While she’s out, Rebecca finds Kate’s application to Berkeley College of Music. She listens to Kate’s audition tape. Kate and Rebecca go to Kevin’s football game. They start arguing about her application because Kate is mad that Rebecca looked through her things. Eventually they come to an understanding but while they were talking Kevin had gotten hurt on the field. Unfortunately, Kate has a miscarriage and looses the baby. She tries go on with her life but isn’t able to. To cope with this lose, she goes to a buffet. There she piles a lot of food onto her plate but when she goes to eat it she doesn’t. Toby tries desperately to keep a package from arriving at their apartment. Toby and Kate have a huge argument. Toby leaves to get some air and Rebecca arrives at the apartment. Kate finally cries when her mom hugs her. Rebecca tells Kate about Kyle in order to relate to her. Toby and Kate decide to try to have another baby.
  Number Three November 28, 2017
Written By: Shukree Hassan Tilghman
Directed By: Ken Olin
Randall is putting the kids to bed when Deja’s mom arrives at their house. She tries to get Deja to come with her but Deja tells her that she needs to do it through the proper channels. Randall is applying to colleges and asks if they can visit Howard University. Jack says sure and they plan to go that Friday. The social worker tells them that she is going to recommend to the court that Deja gets to go home. Randall and Beth are unhappy about this and they tell Linda that they’re going to hire a lawyer to fight it. Jack and Randall arrive at Howard University where Randall runs into his friend Keith. Keith offers to take Randall on a tour of the college just the two of them. Jack reluctantly agrees. While with Keith, Randall says how weird it is to be at an all Black school. Randall and William talk about when Rebecca visited him. He tells him how he followed her home to finally meet his son. However, when he gets there he doesn’t have the courage to knock on the door. On the way home, Jack and Randall talk about why Randall hesitated introducing him to his new friends. After Randall drops off the kids at school, he goes to visit where Deja’s mom lives. Jack tells Randall about how he was drafted to Vietnam and what happened to him over there. Jack tells Randall that he’s spectacular and that he’s going to do great things. Suddenly, Jack gets a page from Kate. While attending Deja’s science presentation, Randall and Beth finally realize that they have to let Deja go. Randall and the family say goodbye to Deja. Kevin shows up needing to tell Randall something. Beth and Randall decide that they’ll try again and let another foster child into their home. Kevin ends up leaving but doesn’t realize that Tess has hidden away in his car. He gets pulled over and arrested for a DUI.
  The Fifth Wheel January 9, 2018
Written By: Vera Herbert
Directed By: Chris Koch
Jack and Rebecca take the kids on vacation to a cabin in the Poconos’s. Kate and Toby prepare to go visit Kevin in rehab. Randall and Beth worry about leaving Tess alone with a sitter after the incident with Kevin. The whole family goes to visit Kevin in rehab. They are asked to join in on a family therapy session but only the immediate family, leaving Beth, Miguel, and Toby to go off on their own. Rebecca worries about Kate while on vacation and talks to Jack about moderating her sweets intake. Kevin opens up about feeling like the odd one out in the family and how his addiction might come from his Dad. Beth, Miguel, and Toby head to a bar where they proceed to get wasted and talk about their significant others. Randall looses his glasses and Rebecca blames Kevin who tells her that he hates her. Kevin reveals how he felt like he didn’t have a Mom or Dad to support him. Kate and Randall come to Rebecca’s defense. Rebecca breaks down and says that she loved Randall more because he was easier. That he didn’t recoil when she touched him and he didn’t abandon her when their father died. Miguel admits that he’s been on the outside of the family because he married his best friends wife. Rebecca admits to being the family bad guy while Jack is the good guy. Kevin, Kate, and Randall talk about their childhoods and how everyone sees their childhoods from different perspectives. Kate admits to eating junk food to Toby because of the miscarriage. Rebecca and Kevin talk and she assures him that they had moments when he was little.
  Clooney January 16, 2018
Written By: Bekah Brunstetter
Directed By: Zetna Fuentes
Jack, Rebecca, and the big three head to the mall to buy outfits for the winter formal. Randall has a job interview but is distracted by a poem from William’s past. Kate goes wedding dress shopping with Madison, a friend from her support group. Kevin goes to live with Rebecca and Miguel after having been released from rehab. Jack and Kevin buy suits, Kate leaves without a dress, and Randall asks a girl out with a magic eight ball. Randall discovers that the poem was written about a mural of Lady Day and suggests to Beth that they buy the old apartment building. Kevin comes to terms with Miguel and Rebecca’s relationship. Kate supports Madison after having found her passed out in her home from purging. Jack tells Rebecca that he wants to start his own construction company. Rebecca asks if they forgot to buy anything from the mall. Jack says no but we see the fire alarm no longer has batteries.
  That'll Be the Day January 23, 2018
Written By: Kay Oyegun & Don Roos
Directed By: Uta Briesewitz
The Pearson’s have an off super bowl. Randall and Beth head over to the new building they bought to meet with the tenants. Kevin shows up at the meeting and offers to help. Toby gets caught looking at dogs and admits to Kate that he’d like to adopt one. Young Kate has to submit another audition tape before she’ll know if she made it into the college of her choice. She gets upset when Jack tries to record her singing. Older Kate goes to the dog pound to find a dog for Toby. But she admits that she can’t adopt one because she has too much baggage over the last one she had. Young Kevin is mad because he has to go to community college after having broken his leg. Jack is upset that none of the kids want to hang around and watch the super bowl. Randall ends up having to send all his tenants to a hotel after having discovered a bug infestation. Kevin admits that he’s trying to stay busy because he knows that he can’t make amends with all the people he’s hurt. Randall tells him that he’ll get there. Randall says it’s hard to picture himself outliving Jack. Rebecca and Jack are left alone for the super bowl with all the kids gone. Rebecca shows Jack an ad for a house on sale. Jack asks her to be his business partner. She says yes. Kevin goes to see Sophie. She tells him to leave her alone and let her remember all the good times. Kate ends up adopting the dog and surprising Toby with it. When Kevin gets back to his mothers house, he sees that a package arrived for him. It’s his dad’s pendant that he thought he lost. Randall tells Jack that he kissed Allison for the first time. Jack cleans up the kitchen and leaves Kevin a note saying that he owes them an apology. Jack turns off the slow cooker but it doesn’t shut off all the way and sparks a fire.
  Super Bowl Sunday February 4, 2018
Written By: Dan Fogelman
Directed By: John Requa & Glenn Ficarra
Jack wakes up and sees smoke coming out from under the door. He goes and retrieves the kids but ends up burning his hand in the process. Rebecca, Kate, Randall, and him escape through the window. Jack lowers each of them down to safety but before he joins them he hears their dog barking from inside the house. He goes back inside to rescue him and comes out with the dog and a bag full of photo albums. The paramedic tells Jack that he needs to go to the ER because he inhaled too much smoke. They drop off the kids at Miguel’s and head to emergency. Older Kate is spending Super Bowl Sunday wallowing by watching the tape of her singing over and over. Suddenly the VCR eats the tape. Kate freaks out but Toby says he knows a guy that can fix it. Kevin and Rebecca discuss what they do during the Super Bowl. Kevin gets drunk and Rebecca makes Jack’s favorite lasagna. Randall throws a Super Bowl party for his girls but they end up loosing Mr. Giggles, Annie’s pet lizard. Beth accidently steps on him while in the kitchen. The doctors tell Jack that they have to keep him for a while to run some tests. Rebecca goes to make hotel reservations and to the vending machine. While she’s making the reservations, Jack dies from a heart attack. The doctor comes to tell Rebecca but she doesn’t believe him until she sees it for herself. She goes to Miguel’s to tell the kids about their father. Afterwards, Kate leaves to go find Kevin in the woods and tell him. Kevin goes to his father’s tree and has a conversation with him. Kate talks about how patient her Dad was and how Toby changed her life. Tess goes to her room and Randall goes to check on her. She tells him that he wants new everything and he says that she is his world. She also tells him that she likes fostering. The episode flash forwards to the future where she is working as a social worker. Beth gets a call from Deja who shows up on their doorstep. Rebecca and Kevin end up watching the game together. Toby and Kate dance in front of the television.
  The Car February 6, 2018
Written By: Isaac Aptaker & Elizabeth Berger
Directed By: Ken Olin
Rebecca and Jack are waiting to hear about Rebecca’s test results. While they wait, Jack takes Rebecca to his favorite tree. He gets a page and they call the hospital. They tell them that Rebecca is fine. Later in the car, Jack tells Rebecca that he’s going to die first. That he doesn’t want to be buried but outside. The Pearsons get to the graveyard just as Jack’s urn arrives. The service is quick and after they go to a reception. Jack is showing Kevin and Randall how to drive. Randall almost crashes the car because he was arguing with Kevin. Jack makes the boys walk home. Jack tells them they have to fix whatever is broken between them because they have to look out for each other. At the reception, Kevin freaks out about Randall wearing Jack’s watch. Jack catches Kate skipping school to go to a record store to get Alanis Morissette’s autograph. He drives her to the store and shares with her his love of Springsteen. He tells her that she needs to give some serious thought into getting into music. Kate and Rebecca are sitting in Miguel’s kitchen. Kate asks Rebecca if Jack died because he went back inside. Rebecca says she doesn’t know but Kate doesn’t believe her. Rebecca gets a surprise visit from Dr. Katowsky at the reception. He tells Rebecca that Jack used to drop by all the time with questions about parenting. He tells her that she’s going to be okay even though Rebecca says she can’t do it without Jack. She asks if they can just sit there for a while so he puts his arm around her. Jack tells his family that he has a surprise for them. Rebecca and the kids visit Jack’s favorite tree. They scatter some of his ashes on the tree. Rebecca tells them that the surprise was tickets to see Bruce Springsteen. They decide to go to the concert. Jack is shown haggling for the wagon. He tells the salesman that he wants that car because it's going to tell his families story.
  Vegas, Baby February 27, 2018
Written By: Laura Kenar
Directed By: Joanna Kerns
Rebecca and Jack are shown celebrating their anniversary throughout the years. One year they decide not to do anything for their anniversary. Deja visits Randall and Beth causing Randall to worry about her living situation. Beth, Randall, Kate, Kevin, and Toby head to Las Vegas for the engaged couples bachelor parties. The kid Big 3 decide to do something special for their parents anniversary. Kevin struggles with not drinking alcohol while in Vegas. Randall tries not to worry about Deja. Beth really gets into Kate’s bachelorette party. Kevin learns that he was cut out of the movie that he was in with Sylvester Stallon. Deja calls Randall causing Randall to go find Beth at the Magic Mike show. They have a huge fight and Kate steps in but ends up revealing that she’s jealous of Beth for taking all of her brothers attention. Jack forgot to turn on the oven so the dinner Kevin made is ruined. Kevin starts to cry claiming that now Rebecca and Jack are going to get divorced. They both reassure him that they aren’t. Randall and Kate talk and Randall reassures her that she never lost him. Kate reveals that this weekend was meant for Toby to bond with Randall and Kevin. The two brothers invite Toby to go for a walk and end up in Old Las Vegas. Jack and Rebecca promise to never not do anything for their anniversary again. They kids left a note in their room telling them to go out on the roof and watch the meteor shower. Kate goes to apologize to Beth and they talk about where they are at in life. Kevin calls Ron Howard and tells him that he’s hurt that he was cut out of the movie. Ron tells him that he wasn’t and that he should probably buy a tux. Jack and Rebecca watch the meteor shower and Jack tells Rebecca that he sees her everyday not just today. Kevin’s maid counts the bottles and realizes that he didn’t drink anything from the mini-fridge in the hotel. Randall and Beth make up and Randall promises to move forward and forget about Deja. Beth surprises him by going to Deja’s apartment to visit her. They learn that Deja and her mom are currently living out of a car.
  This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life March 6, 2018
Written By: Kay Oyegun
Directed By: Rebecca Asher
Shauna is having a baby. After Deja is born, Shauna refuses to hold the baby because she is mad at Dennis. Her grandma tells her that she needs to grow up and put the Deja first. GG arrives home to find Deja alone. She reads to her Goodnight moon. Later, when Shauna shows up, GG yells at her and tells her that she can’t carry this for her forever. One day, on their way home from the store, GG collapses. Deja and Shauna lay in bed later and wonder what they’re going to do now. Deja brings out goodnight moon and reads to her mom. It’s Shauna’s birthday. Shauna walks Deja to school. Deja tells her to come home early because she’s making her a special surprise dinner. While cooking, Deja slices her hand open. She takes herself to the emergency room where she meets Linda. Linda ends up taking Deja from Shauna and placing her into foster care. Deja and her foster sister Raven are preparing for the dance. On their way to school, they steal makeup from the local grocery store. That night the store owner shows up and tells Mr. Miller what happened. Later, he beats Raven. Linda asks Deja how everything is and Deja tells her about the hitting. Both Deja and Raven are taken from that house. Shauna is getting better so Deja goes home. There she meets Lonzo, Shauna’s new boyfriend. It starts off fine but ends with them fighting. One day she’s pulled from drill team because Shauna got caught with Lonzo’s gun. That night she is taken to stay with Randall and Beth. She tries not to blow it. Deja goes home with Shauna again. She helps her pay the bills but they are past due so Deja goes to Randall for help. They get evicted because Shauna used the money for Lonzo’s bail. Deja and Shauna sleep in their car where Randall and Beth find them. They are taken to Randall’s house where they are fed and they play games. Shauna and Beth talk about how special Deja is and how Shauna failed her. Randall and Deja talk about how everyone sleeps and shares similar problems. Shauna is leaving when Randall comes downstairs. She says that she has to go and that she can’t take Deja with her.
  The Wedding March 13, 2018
Written By: Isaac Aptaker & Elizabeth Berger
Directed By: Ken Olin
Rebecca and Jack are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows. Kate and Toby are at the family cabin getting ready for their wedding. Kevin and Randall are in charge of the wedding planning. Toby leaves to go pick up his parents from the airport. Randall is making the party favors. Deja is going with them to the wedding but she’s upset because her mom terminated her parental rights. Rebecca is trying to find an outfit that won't offend Kate because she is a walking reminder of Jack. Kate freaks out when she can’t find her dad’s Daytona t-shirt that Toby forgot to pack. Randall says that Jack was more than just a t-shirt and that Kate shouldn’t worry and watch a Sandra Bullock movie. The next day, Beth’s sister Zoey arrives at the cabin as she is taking pictures of the wedding. Kevin and Randall have rounded up some of their dad’s stuff but Kate says she has a new plan. She drives down to the ice cream shop they used to go to but leaves disappointed because they no longer make the flavor they used to get. Kevin and Randall go looking for Kate when she doesn’t return. Beth talks to Zoey about Deja and Zoey asks if Beth wants her to talk to her. Kevin and Randall can’t find Kate so they play Worst Case Scenario. Zoey talks to Deja and how one morning she forgot to hate the people that loved her. Toby’s parents try to dissuade Toby from marrying Kate. Kate calls her Mom and tells her about the dreams she’s been having about Jack and Rebecca’s 40th wedding anniversary. Kate goes to the tree where she used to talk to her Dad at. She tells him that she has to let go and make room for Toby. She does this by pouring out his ashes. Beth is thankful to Zoey after Deja gets dressed for the wedding. Kate and Rebecca have a heart to heart. Kate says that all she’s ever wanted was to be like her Mom. Kate is walked down the aisle by Kevin and Randall. She carries one of Jack’s screwdrivers as her something old. At the reception, Toby’s mom tells Randall’s girls that they look just like Beth but that Deja looks just like Randall which upsets her. Kevin and Randall give speeches. The episode foreshadows the future where: Kevin is on a play to Vietnam with Zoey, Kate is talking to a depressed Toby, and an Older Randall is telling Tess that it’s time to go see her. Deja takes a bat to Randall’s car. Zoey goes up to Kevin and tells him that she liked his toast.

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