"Randall, turn the window down, turn up the music. Take me to meet your father."
— William in Memphis

William Hill was the biological father of Randall. He abandoned him at a fire station soon after his birth. He was also bisexual. He had stage 4 stomach cancer and passed away from it.

He is portrayed by Ron Cephas Jones.

Life Edit

William grew up in Memphis with a single mother, and his father passed away in war.

Early on in his life he showed a talent for music and writing and eventually joined a band alongside his cousin.

His mother moved to Pittsburgh in order to make more money but became ill with cancer. William moved to Pittsburgh in order to help his mother and that's where he met Randall's biological mother, Laurel.

After William's mother passes away, Laurel gets him into the drug world and he becomes addicted to heroin. It is unclear what happens to Laurel since it was William's decision to drop Randall off at the fire station.

As the years go on, William remains a drug addict, until one night where he sees a monkey in the street at night and decides to join Narcotics Anonymous. Here he meets a man named Jessie and they end up falling in love. At some point in their relationship, William disconnects from Jessie.

In 2016, William reunites with his biological son, when the latter shows up at Williams door. They are able to create a relationship before William passes away from stomach cancer.


This gallery is in order of episodes - not chronologically

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